Welcome Friends!

You have come to a place that is filled with passion for the world of gourd art.  I use hard shelled gourds as the canvas for my creations.  Carving, staining, painting, and stamping is only a small part of the entire picture. Finishing touches on the gourds include coil weaving, leather rims, attached beads and stones and other materials gathered from nature.  Spring comes with the planting of those wonderful seeds.  These seeds have been collected for hundreds of years and are planted around the world.  In summer the plants begin to grow, vine and bloom.  They take over anything, fences, trees, bushes and they will even climb a building down spout.  Oh, those WILD GOURDS!

Harvest comes in the fall after the first frost in Ohio.  The biggest surprise is seeing all of the beautiful green gourds; some that were hidden from sight all summer are suddenly discovered.  When storing gourds for drying, air circulation is helpful and speeds the drying process.  When gourds dry they mold and turn brown, this is a natural part of the drying process.  When spring comes again it is time to remove the mold on the hard shell.  I usually spend several days cleaning these future art pieces.  I wait until the warm spring rains come and bring the gourds out to be blessed by the rain spirits.  This softens the mold to make cleaning easier.  After cleaning the fun begins!  I study each of the gourds and they tell me what they want to become.  Do they want to be open vessels, bowls with lids, maybe they have been broken and can be used for a mask or possibly they want to be illuminated.  Do they hear the ancestors calling and want to be a drum, rain stick or rattle.  So many possibilities…… all unique and special. I love my gourds, I hope you do too.

Many Blessings to you,